We offer intelligent solutions capable of providing winning experiences in strategical, tactical and operational management.

The pillar of our services: Methodology + Technology + Services

IBEN brings together the best talent, techniques and tools to offer a complete range of services throughout the civil construction value chain.


We act as a project management office (PMO) using a construction management model based on best practices and exclusive technologies focused on results. Your project will be managed by an extremely prepared team.

All IBEN professionals are results-driven.
They receive support and training to cut the costs of your project, within the defined deadlines and quality parameters, controlling procurement and productivity. We offer an innovative and successful experience by providing planning and monitoring support to your team, project and building site.

We invest constantly in updating our processes and products to provide outstanding solutions to our clients.

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

Strategic Portfolio Management

We are commited to supporting our clients' business targets and to delivering outstanding Project Management implementation and Consulting with safety and positive environmental impact that meets their cost, schedule, and quality targets.

Enterprise Architecture and Real Estate Asset

By applying ingenuity and creativity, we design buildings and public spaces relying on a myriad of technologies and building systems alike to meet the riquered standards of different sectors.

Merger Management

We help clients by implementing an innovative and complete merger management solution that realizes maximum deal value from conception to marketing planning by tapping the right synergies and building capabilities, mitigating risks, optimizing costs, and delivering positive results.

Construction Management

We have extensive expertise on construction projects of complex size and scope and we combine advanced technologies and project management skills with our proven business consulting program and commitment to safety to meet each project´s unique requirements.

Economic Evaluation of Facility Investments

We have a solution for economic evaluation of projects feasibility from the initial conception through planning, design, procurement, construction, start-up, operation, and maintenance for project profitability and financial stability.

Construction Services

Our vast proven experience as engineer-constructors brings a variety of construction expertise to the execution of every project and makes us uniquely qualified to understand, address, and deliver the most complex construction projects from start to finish


PMIBEN is a robust, intuitive, and fully configurable Portfolio and Program Management software solution with integrated reports, dashboards, briefing books, project delivery, and alerts. PMIBEN helps leaders and their teams to shape portfolios and manage risks around strategic goals to optimize outcomes.for both short and long term business targets.


As a Project Management Office (PMO) we help our clients achieve their business goals and attain top benefits from their projects by complying with a construction management model based on the industry best practices and in accordance with PMI directives- Project Management Institute. OUR PMO is designed and staffed for accomplishing maximum effectiveness in project methodology and standards, coordinating communication across businesses, and assuming a governance process that assesses scope, allocates resources, and verify budget, time, risk, and impact assumptions even before thet project is undertaken.


IBENPOD is a mobile app with IBEN´s institutional data and live updates on IBEN´s construction sites. The ap features fast browsing, up to date statistics, and custom graphs acessible from the palm of your hand to aid you with the right tools for prompt decision making. IBENPROD has an intuitive interface, one touch call button for you to easily be in touch with our staff, and integrated email messanger in a safe and mutiplatform (iOS and Android) solution.


IBEN TV is a fully interactive TV channel we use to communicate to our clients the status and performance of our ongoing projects while keeping our priorities in check by broadcasting a custom made content that captures the atention of IBEN´s staff .


IBEN´s brands are a reflection of our commitment to developing tailor made processes and tools that cater to the needs and meet the challenges facing our clients

IBEN is located in São Paulo, Brazil - the highest ranked socioeconomic potencial region in the country.

Indaiatuba/São Paulo - Campinas Metro Area.

IBEN ENGENHARIA figures among the most respected engineering and construction-services firms in Brazil. Leader in innovative technological solutions for construction services and construction management and with a proven track record in Project and Portfolio Management IBEN covers all areas of the construction industry on budget, on time, within the required quality, and at the best price.

A diverse remarkably diverse, dynamic, committed, and integrated team of architects, engineers, economists, researchers, and experienced managers strive to design, build, operate, and manage projects across a wide range of sectors turning challenges into innovative solutions to deliver transformative outcomes to the highest standards possible.
Cooperation and partnership are among IBEN´s core values, so far beyond understanding the needs and demands of stakeholders we believe that keeping open channels of communication is important in order to remain competitive and to align the quality of our services to clients needs and market trends.

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